2017 Las Vegas Conference and Trade Show: Presentations

Between the networking and business building there were plenty of learning opportunities. Download the presentations below.



Workshop: Driving Organizational Success through Sustainability Leadership

Dr. Kevin Gazzara, Bruno Sarda, Park Howell, George Basile

Your work in investment recovery, providing value to your company’s bottom line is an integral part of your company’s sustainability picture. However, the reality is this: Many sustainability programs struggle because they are developed or integrated into ways that miss important organizational dimensions. In this dynamic workshop, attendees learned how to incorporate four key pillars of success helping their will help your organization achieve lasting sustainable change: leadership, strategy, communication, and global context.

KEYNOTE SPOTLIGHT: The Champion’s Code:

Ross Bernstein, Inspirational Speaker, and Sports Author

Mr. Bernstein is an award-winning business speaker featured on CNN, ESPN, Fox News and the Wall Street Journal. He has interviewed more than 500 professional athletes and coaches who were part of championship teams. Ross concluded that the same metrics and characteristics common among sports champions were also found in top business performers. In an engaging, provocative, and visually entertaining style.



Opportunity Thinking™

Pam Henderson, Ph.D, NewEdge

You Can Kill an Idea but You Cannot Kill an Opportunity. Ms. Henderson is co-founder and CEO of NewEdge, Inc, a growth strategy, and design firm.  In this session, old ways of thinking were left behind to experience Opportunity Thinking™. Pam took attendees on a creative journey where market forces, business models, technology, organizations, environments, and design set the stage for unlimited opportunities.  IR professionals were encouraged to think out of their comfort zone to discover new business scenarios.

Download PDF: Opportunity Thinking

Is That Asset A Liability? The Cyber Risk of Investment Recovery

Chad Pinson, Managing Director, Stroz Friedberg

Cyber security extends into all aspects of property, plant, and equipment. IR depends on finding latent value in assets. But what about the hidden risks?  As more assets and systems become connected, remotely accessed and controlled—more cyber vulnerabilities are exposed. What IR cyber risks should you be aware of and how can those threats be mitigated?  This session showed attendees how to keep one step ahead to find hidden value – while avoiding hidden liability.

Download PDF: Asset Recovery Panel

Analysis & Appraisals

Lee Robinette, ASA, Collateral Evaluation

Mr. Robinette shared his experience and knowledge of analyzing and appraising equipment. He took attendees through the Analysis and Appraisal steps: Defining the problem, Assembling pertinent data, Gathering market research (from both new and used markets), Applying knowledge and appropriate appraisal techniques, Possessing the experience and judgment to reach an appraisal conclusion.

Download PDF: Analysis & Appraisals

Perspective on Investment Recovery at Facilities

Panel Discussion

This panel provided a prospectus on the impact asset recovery has from a financial and logistics perspective on facility modernization and decommissioning. These types of projects are on a rise and this panel bought a valuable perspective to the audience. The panel consisted of an Investment Recovery Professional, Demolition Contractor; Environmental Contractor, Owner’s Engineer, and State Representative. The panel discussed decommissioning and modification process, what preparations are needed to optimize the project and lessons learned, positive and negative.

CMIR: Scrap Recycling and The Environment

As an integral part of the 7Rs of  Investment Recovery, you will Learn about the proper sustainability methods that can mitigate risk and create value for your IR department and your company’s customers and community.

Download PDF: Scrap Recycling and the Environment

Key Findings from the Recent Benchmark Study

Sean Byro, CMIR, Arizona Public Service

The Investment Recovery Association recently released its 2015 Benchmark Study Results. Sean Byro took attendees through the data to show how to interpret the findings, how to use this data, and more importantly, how to use this data to demonstrate your Return to the company.

Download PDF: Benchmark Metrics

CMIR: Warehousing, Logistics, Sales

Kelly May, CMIR

Knowing what is in your warehouse and how much space it takes is good IR practice. Understanding the logistics terms while getting your surplus to the next location is critical to the bottom line result of the sale. These items, as well as sales and marketing tips and tactics, were shared during this one-hour breakout session.

Download PDF: CMIR: Warehousing, Logistics, Sales




Cost to Benefit Analysis

Mike Mitchum, CMIR, AECOM

What is the true net return on an asset sale?  What is truly best for the company and the project? Do not be fooled by large purchase offers that might not be what they seem at face value. This session broke down the math for the rest of us, and Become a better negotiator by learning how to properly evaluate a purchase offer. Attendees learned to Know how to effectively perform a cost to benefit analysis – including hidden costs. Minimize cost overruns and schedule slippage in the planning stages.

Download PDF: Cost to Benefit Analysis

Legal Issues Facing Investment Recovery

Jim Cavanagh, Senior Counsel

IR legal issues rank high as major stress producers. This session helped identify and clarify the most critical legalities each IR professional should be prepared for within their organization. Key topics included anti-trust – the good, the bad and the ugly and why you need a 360 understanding of it.  In addition, Mr. Cavanaugh demystified contract language and other legal-related items that IR pros need to know. 

Download PDF: Legal Issues

Economics and the Metal Market Focus

Tatiana Bailey, PhD, Executive Director, Southern Colorado, Economic Forum University of Colorado

The sluggish metal market has taken its economic toll on recycling longer than anticipated. When will this market swing the other way? IR professionals count on the metal recycling market as a critical component to their budget.  Is 2017 the turnaround year? Tatiana Bailey provided an in-depth economic forecast explaining important factors impacting the role in investment recovery.

Download PDF: Economics and the Metal Markets