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How Investment Recovery can contribute to a Corporate Sustainability Goals – An introduction to the Global Reporting Initiative

Social and environmental issues are front-and-center in today’s market. Customers, employees, and investors are demanding that organizations have comprehensive and effective sustainability programs, not just lip-service, or “greenwashing.”

It essential that Investment Recovery has a seat at the table.

Successful sustainability considers the entire supply chain—and one of the most critical parts of the supply chain is what happens to unused, or underused assets of the organization.

Download our Sustainability Whitepaper. It is written by IR professionals for IR professionals seeking to deepen their understanding of the business value of IR and how it fits into an organization’s sustainability practice. You’ll find useful information on:

  • Background on the concept of sustainability
  • The Value of Sustainability
  • How investment recovery fits into the sustainability eco-chain
  • Measuring Sustainability and performance Indicators
  • An introduction to the Global Reporting Initiative; a set of standardized reporting guidelines which allow third parties to assess the environmental impact of investment recovery and supply chain activities.

About the Investment Recovery Association

Investment Recovery Association is the only non-profit organization dedicated to those who buy, sell, or manage surplus or idle assets. Our mission is to foster the growth of investment recovery professionals through relevant education, innovation, and collaboration. Here are some of the benefits that the Investment Recovery Association provides:

  • Professional Certification
  • Annual Conference and Trade Show
  • Special Events and Networking opportunities
  • Semiannual IR Benchmarking Study
  • ASSET 2.0, The Investment Recovery Business Journal
  • Vendor Directory of IR Services, and more

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