Highlights of the 2019 Conference and Trade Show in San Diego: Education, Networking, and Trade Show

Investment Recovery, The State of the Economy and its effects on IR

Fostering the growth of investment recovery professionals through relevant education, innovation and collaboration.

Every year, corporate and government investment recovery professionals join for four days at the industry’s only conference and trade show for intensive study, workshops, discussions, and a little bit of fun! On behalf of everyone at the Investment Recovery Association, thank you to all who attended this years’ show in San Diego. We hope our attendees made life-long relationships and learned something new about our increasingly complex world of managing surplus assets.

We look forward to seeing you at the 2020 conference in sunny Scottsdale Arizona in April.

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The State of the Economy and its Effects on IR
Tatiana Bailey, Ph.D.
Ms.Bailey presented a comprehensive look at the national economy including employment levels, labor participation by age group, gross domestic product (GDP), household and corporate finances, consumer and small business sentiment, stock market volatility, the national debt, the manufacturing industry, and the impact of the trade disputes. She discussed more recent trends in the metals market and how the trade disputes have impacted performance in that sector.

Using Drones and Robots in IR
Steven Cross, FPL/NextEra Energy
In this presentation by Florida Power & Light/NextEra, Mr. Cross discussed the integration and use of drone and robot technologies in the electric utility industry.  The presentation covered history, regulations, and potential future of automated utility inspections on the ground and in the air.

The New Rs? Redesign and Reverse Engineering
Kristina waters, CMIR, Cox Communications
Ms. Waters presented the new Rs for today’s successful Investment Recovery Department. By focusing on IR as the critical link in the supply chain she demonstrated how a shared understanding of disposal costs/value throughout the organization can help the IR professional can get a seat at the table for design. 

Potential Disruptors on the Horizon for Investment Recovery
Andy Hines, Ph.D., Assistant, Professor and Program Coordinator University of Houston
This interactive keynote introduced twenty potential disruptors for the future of investment recovery. The session kicked off with a brief overview of a few conceptual tools for thinking about the future. The disruptors were explored in four modules: consumer, tech, biz model and work. After each module, each table was asked to prioritize what they think will be the most impactful disruptor for the future of investment recovery.

Take This Job and Love It!  How To De-Stress, Re-Charge, and Re-Balance Your Life and Work In A Crazy-Busy World
Dr. Alan Zimmerman
The world of work has become more challenging. With more work, fewer people, tighter budgets, and less time, such things as morale, energy, and attitude often take a hit. And negativity increases. Dr. Zimmerman discusses how to create a more positive workplace that is less stressful and more exciting… where satisfaction and fulfillment are the rules, not the exceptions.

Hard to Sell Assets
Open Discussion
Attendees discussed their hard to sell assets (pictures, drawings, detail) and asked those in the room for their suggestions on how to best utilize to realize the best value for your company. They also discussed their recent successes for finding a home for a hard to sell assets.

Transportation and Rigging
Chris Johnson, IRH
A subject matter expert with Intermountain Rigging (IRH), Chris presented the basics of proper rigging and how to safely secure a load for trucking your surplus material’s its final destination. He provided tips for when a contractor comes to your location to remove heavy equipment or large loads; how to inspect the condition of the rigging, the safety of your people, and the integrity of the loading process from cradle to grave.

The Journey to the Extraordinary
Dr. Alan Zimmerman
Backed by years of research Dr. Zimmerman explained why some people accomplish so much while others accomplish so little? He presented three strategies that ensure peak performance. He showed attendees how they can obtain unshakable self-confidence and work outside their comfort zone and increase their ability to build positive, productive relationships filled with cooperation, motivation, and trust.

Influencing the Future: Implications, Issues, and Options for Dealing with Change
Andy Hines, Ph.D.
This interactive working session took  one of the “winning” disruptors from the keynote and worked through tools for proactively. Participants  identified implications of the disruptor using the Futures Wheel tool. From that exercise, they identified a strategic issue of importance for the future and developed a strategic option for responding to that issue using the Elevator Speech tool. The session closed with participants sharing the elevator speeches in a plenary session.

CMIR Session: Negotiation
Kelly May, CMIR, Salt River Project
Kelly shares the key factors IR professionals need to know for an effective negotiation session.

CMIR Session: Warehousing
Dave Halicks, CMIR, Tennessee Valley Authority
Dave discussed managing the warehousing, inventory control, logistics involved, and sales & marketing of surplus goods. 

CMIR Session: Ethics
Barry Street, CMIR Fellow
Ethical behavior is a key to success in your IR practice. Exactly what is ethical behavior and how does it play a part in the disposition of your surplus assets.

CMIR Session: Sustainability
Tate Duncan, CMIR, 
We like to say that IR is sustainability and has been in practice for decades. Using the 7Rs IR professionals have been practicing landfill avoidance and putting their recycling skills to use. Tate showed sustainability and IR go hand in hand with your company’s sustainability mission.

Panel Discussion:
Plant Decommissioning and Contractors’ Safety
Fred Maier, National Salvage & Service Corp.
Mike Mitchum
Dale Gibson, Idaho Power
The panel discussed facility closures and the subsequent decommissioning, decontamination and demolition that sometimes follows is a complicated process. Each stakeholder (owners, demolition and environmental contractors, as well as consultants and engineering firms) has a common goal of completing the project economically without sacrificing safety, quality and environmental protection while having their own procedures and protocols. The panelists discussed how to communicate in terms that everyone understands, manage costs and schedule, and build a cohesive team to maximize the chance of success.

Panel Discussion:
Understanding and Managing Your Business Relationships
Mark Hutson, Mosaic,
Tim Cimperman, Amlon Resources
Andrew DeBaise, Rocky Mountain Recycling
The panel discussed the internal and external relationships all IR professionals must nurture. And the checks and balances to be sure both sides are not being taken advantage or taken for granted.

Non-stop Networking & Education:

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