As I write my first President’s message for this year, a theme keeps resonating in my mind. I see a train paused momentarily at the station and hear the conductor shouting “All aboard!” As your newly-elected conductor, I want to personally extend an invitation to each of you to hop onboard the IR Express. We just finished one of the best association seminar and trade show events in years. Our conference attendance in Scottsdale numbered well over 300 investment recovery professionals. The program offerings were outstanding; the trade show was jam-packed; and the welcome reception / casino night event was a blast. Under the steady leadership of retired president Dave Rupert, CMIR, we reached a critical milestone this year with the completion of the association’s Investment Recovery Handbook. To order your copy, go to It’s a ‘must read’ for everyone in IR! On a personal note, I was honored and humbled to be awarded the title of CMIR Fellow during the conference, and then to be asked by the Board to serve as President for the next year. Scottsdale was just one more stop on this train’s schedule. Over the next several months, your Board of Directors and the various committees will be busy moving the association forward. We have a lot of work to do to move the educational offerings to the next level as we plan the next seminar and trade show. The Education Committee is developing the first several of 18 new presentations (!) covering the chapter headings and other topics from the new IR Handbook. As great as Scottsdale was this year, the next event in Memphis, Tennessee is on track to be even better next year. It will take place March 24–27, 2013 at the famed Peabody Hotel in downtown Memphis, so start making your plans now to attend the Association’s 79th Seminar and Trade Show. I would be remiss if I didn’t say thank you once again to Dave Rupert and all of the Board members, past and present, the many committee members, our Executive Director, Jane Male and her staff, our esteemed legal counsel Jim Cavanagh, our Public Relations team of Bill Kimball and Dave Miller, the IR Handbook ghostwriter and personal friend Bill Hamby, and last but not least, each of you. We have gotten where we are today as a professional organization through dedication and dogged persistence in challenging times. The journey, great as it has been, has just begun. Get on board for the professional ride of a lifetime as our association continues to steam in to the future— climbing to greater heights of professional educational offerings and networking opportunities. No back-sliding on this train; we’re heading full-throttle into a future packed with opportunity for growth. The IR Express makes its next stop at the Chrysler Museum in Auburn Hills, Michigan on May 21st for an especially exciting Lunch & Learn. Further IR Lunch & Learn stops are planned for later this year in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and Buffalo, New York. This train’s a rollin’! So again I say, “All aboard!” Sincerely, Michael W. Rhodes, CMIR Fellow, Dominion Resources President, Investment Recovery Association