Eli Lilly and Company (Eli Lilly), a Pharmaceutical Company headquartered in Indianapolis, Ind., has approximately 38,000 employees worldwide and is a member of the Investment Recovery Association. The asset recovery department, once called “plant salvage,” consists of two full time associates and three full time contractors. The Investment Recovery conferences have provided a wealth of information for our department regarding surplus equipment disposition, provided a key source for equipment buyers and brokers, and allowed us to establish relationships with similar pharmaceutical asset recovery professionals. Our number one focus is on “redeployments.” From the conferences we learned that we can add the most value by redeploying equipment. We know the equipment and the Eli Lilly users. This has resulted in strong, steady sustainable growth. Recently, we implemented web-based software that allows us to take redeployments to a new level. The system is very user friendly and allows Eli Lilly users to have easy access through an authenticated single sign-on password. This means the internal user doesn’t have any extra usernames or passwords they have to remember. Once logged onto the Eli Lilly Network, they have simple immediate access to more than 600 pieces of equipment. Our internal redeployment database has grown from zero users to almost 500 users in just over 12 months! Our number two departmental priority is to achieve significant sale revenue from the equipment that more than likely won’t redeploy, or we’ve been unsuccessful in redeploying within a two year period. In those instances, we heavily rely upon six key brokers to sell the majority of our equipment due to their expertise and multiple contacts. Most all of our contracts are commission based; therefore, we can be confident that we are achieving solid results with our “sales partners.” It is important that the “right” type of equipment is matched to the “right” broker. Our third priority is to have an effective donation program. As everyone is aware, managing donations could take a full time position! Therefore, we have established a “Teachers Day Event” in which the majority of our donations are completed during a one day period. Each year, we donate over 100 heaping pallets full of small lab and office equipment/supplies to approximately 70 local schools and universities. The event has grown so large and popular, that local TV media have provided coverage the last two years. This coverage offers significant outreach support to local residents and is good public relations for Eli Lilly. The Eli Lilly asset recovery department also manages most of the recycle contracts. As a corporation, we recycle paper, cardboard, plastic, glass, wood pallets, old electronics, refrigeration equipment and more. In 2011, our department was recognized with an internal honor, the “Waste Reduction Award” from the Global Health, Safety, and Environmental Department. Since most all surplus equipment is managed by Asset Recovery, our absolute key focus is that we have appropriate processes that minimize potential liabilities. For example, if a computer is sold through our department and it contains information regarding product trade secrets or patient information, then it would pose potential liability to Eli Lilly and we would lose trust with our customers. This is just a small example of the many potential concerns associated with equipment disposition. This department operates as a business within a large corporation! We look forward to many more years of sustainable growth resulting in significant savings for Eli Lilly. Lastly, we have plans for continued support and participation as a member of the Investment Recovery Association. We sincerely thank all the past and present directors and Jane Male for making the association a success! Asset Recovery at Eli Lilly and Company –Wayne Poole, Associate Consultant Asset Recovery, Eli Lilly and Company. W.poole@lilly.com 317.276.2716