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Investment Recovery: Entering the New Age Of “Green”

With social responsibility and sustainability issues facing industry executives, the disposition of assets is a critical matter. More importantly, it’s an opportunity to improve the environment and the enterprise. One could argue that asset and investment recovery practices formed the beginnings of the “green movement” before the term came into popular use. The reverse logistics process enables companies to take materials and products that have depreciated over their life cycle, and ultimately

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“Honey, Did You Mow the Roof?”

What may appear to be an emerging issue has actually been around for a long time—a concern for the planet and its people. What is changing, however, is the ability to affect these issues directly and positively through business management practices.

Powering the People While Preserving the Environment

From a corporate standpoint, progressive environmental management encompasses all efforts to minimize the negative environmental impact of a firm’s products or services throughout the entire life cycle, from “cradle to grave” (Klassen and McLaughlin, 1996). Environmental concerns in purchasing and supply chain management deal with an assortment of issues.

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Recycling Apples In the Big Apple

If New York City did curbside recycling of computers, its little blue bins would be overflowing. Around the world, in virtually any industry, organizations are being challenged to better manage Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), while being more environmentally conscious. Of particular concern is the pressure to improve the recycling process for obsolete computer equipment, and nowhere was this challenge greater than for the nation’s largest school district.

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Sources Of Recovered Assets

When you hear the term ”investment recovery,” what types of assets come to mind? As supply managers know, the profession involves the management of a wide variety of materials, products and services. The same can be said for investment recovery. David E. Rupert, J.D., LL.M., manager, asset recovery for American Electric Power in Gahanna, Ohio, and benchmark chair and member of the board of directors for the Investment Recovery Association, provides five sources where supply managers should

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The Ethics of Negotitation

There is great value in deciding what style of negotiator you are... then sticking with the style that makes you comfortable.

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Internet Marketing: Building Traffic to Your Website

Great news! It has been well documented that you can dramatically increase business sales if you can attract the right people to your website. The not-so-great news is that there are somewhere between 700 million and two billion active websites on the Internet, making it harder to attract those new customers. So, you must start with a plan, execute it then evaluate it. As General George Patton said, “A good plan today is better than a perfect plan tomorrow.”

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Climbing the Corporate Ladder: Discovering the Secret of Upward Mobility

21 ways to advance yourself up the corporate ladder...

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Using Ebay as an Asset Recovery Tool

IR departments want the highest prices on the sale of their surplus. This is normally achieved with maximum exposure to the most people. eBay, the world’s largest Internet auction site, can reach a global marketplace and will certainly broaden the number of potential buyers beyond your own in-house marketing list.

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Refurbishing Used Equipment: A New Look at the Old Infrastructure

Amid the current discussions about the “New Infrastructure for America” which is to hopefully kick-start our economic recovery, there is a vital and so-far-overlooked question: What are we to do with the OLD infrastructure in order to make way for the new?

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