“GET THE LEAD OUT!” An End-of-Life Scrap Battery Program for Telcos and Beyond

Investment recovery in the telecommunication industry (‘telcos’ for short) is filled with many challenges, made more challenging with an increase in a wide range of surplus equipment due to technological advancements in fiber optics. However, one core investment recovery opportunity that remains constant is reclaiming the nonferrous metal lead from end-of-life batteries, and their […]

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Getting Granular: Glass Replaces Copper in Telcos

Copper granulation proves effective in recovering high value from copper cables.

In recent years, the major telephone companies (Telcos) have experienced massive technological advancements in their backbone networks, as well as their business and residential delivery systems, with fiber optics being the key driver. Copper telephone wiring—now a century old—has limited bandwidth capacity, and fiber optic cables allow for much higher capacity…at much […]

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Russians Renege on Sochi Sustainability Pledge

AKHSHTYR, Russia — Trucks rumble to the edge of a gigantic pit filled with spray cans, tires and foam sheets and dump a stream of concrete slabs that send up a cloud of limestone dust. Other trucks pile clay on top while a bulldozer mixes everything together in a rudimentary effort to hide the […]

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Asset Disposition and Investment Recovery Trends for the Next 10 Years

This article was inspired by a recent article in Supply Chain Management Review magazine (SCMR.com), exploring what trends will affect the next generation of supply chains. We thought it would be interesting to review some of those trends identified, and see what the implications of those larger trends in the supply chain universe might mean for those of us living on Planet IR.

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Understanding Book Value vs. Fair Market Value of a Surplus Asset

This case study is based on a real-life conversation between a CPA and a manager of a large company division. The business unit manager has run across a situation in which there is a discrepancy between what he feels an asset is worth (Fair Market Value or FMV) and what the company has the asset valued on the books (Book Value). The manager of the company does not want to sell an unused asset because he does not want the loss on the equipment to impact his division’s performance this period. Fol

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Famed WWII Bomber Plant Facing Wrecking Ball

Willow Run, the massive 5 million-square-foot factory built by Henry Ford at the start of World War II, was designed to make B-24 Liberator bombers. Staffed with many female “Rosie the Riveters,” the Willow Run plant outside of Detroit earned the designation “Arsenal of Democracy” for its war efforts, turning out a new airplane […]

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Principles And Standards Of Ethical Supply Management Conduct

We’re heading into fall, with hopefully lots of warm memories of a summer with friends and family. Your Board of Directors got together in Chicago on Sept. 18th where we reviewed the budget and worked on important issues for the remainder of the year, such as the upcoming prospective member IR Symposium at Rutgers. […]

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Feature Story: Marketing vs. Sales in the Investment Recovery Process

Investment Recovery is a profession with a foundation based on buying and selling used assets, with marketing and sales as key factors for the successful IR practitioner. Marketing and sales are frequently lumped together as one activity. While many of the principles are similar, these activities each hold their own separate place in the overall investment recovery process.

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Your Tax Dollars at Work (again)

Need a boat to carry your tank? How about a nuclearpowered missile cruiser? Bid on these! For anyone looking to stage another D-Day invasion, run scuba tours in the Caribbean, or cruise Lake Michigan with 200 of your closest friends—the U.S. Navy has a boat for you. And maybe a bargain! Two World War II-era landing craft— the kind that that can plow through surf into a beach and open a ramp to unleash an amphibious assault—were recently auctioned at U.S. Naval Station Great Lakes outside Chicago

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LEEDing the Way To Green Demolitions: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle C&D Debris

There is growing interest in practicing “Green Demolition” principles, in part because there are significant financial and environmental benefits to be derived from reducing, reusing and recycling construction and demolition (C&D) debris.

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