Cover Story: Green Demolitions – Safety First, Hazardous Materials and Asset Monetization

As a demolition contractor working on major projects, the first question asked always seems to be, “Will the project provide positive cash flow, or will it cost monies to perform the work?” The environmental aspects of the project play a large part in answering that question. And how to properly prepare for the various aspects of the environmental work is what my presentation was about during the recent Investment Recovery conference in Memphis.

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Lean Six Sigma: Sustainable Asset Management Overview

Lean Six Sigma is a philosophy focusing on the continual improvement of people and process in both manufacturing and service environments. This philosophy challenges the status quo of daily activities with the mindset that there is always an opportunity for improvement in the way we execute our processes. Lean Six Sigma is a combination of two schools of thought that attack waste and variation in an organization:

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Implementing Lean Six Sigma in Our IR Operation: A Case Study in Surplus Materials Management

I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge that when I first heard that we’d be implementing Lean Six Sigma at PPL, I was a skeptic. Big time! Like many others, I am a “one-person IR department.” It is difficult enough just handling the daily functions and activities of our investment recovery operations without having to sit through training for yet another topic of the month. I said to myself, “How can we possibly cut any more from our processes and our manpower?

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Management Reporting for Investment Recovery

There are probably as many types and variations of management reports as there are grains of sand on the beach. But if your report is sent to the wrong target audience, is put together with inaccurate or questionable data, or is not timely, the report is probably not worth the time it took to prepare it. This brief will address some of the key issues.

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Save up to $20 on the Investment Recovery Handbook

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On a Personal Note…


As some of you know, in June of this year, Colorado Springs experienced the worst forest fire in the history of our state. We live in a very densely wooded area just outside the city, and as I drove home from work one afternoon, I could see the plumes of smoke from the highway […]

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New EPA Rules & Age Will Close Dozens of Power Plants

 Don’t expect the Investment Recovery Association’s electric utility members to have a lot of free time in the immediate future. They’re going to be busy. REALLY busy! Depending on the source, somewhere between 32 and 200 coal-based generating plants are scheduled to shut down in the next three to fi ve years. A large […]

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Consider NOT Setting Goals in 2013

“Sophia, Daniel,” I yelled across the apartment at my seven-year-old and five-year-old, who were playing together in their bedroom. “The school bus arrives in 10 minutes. Let’s see who can brush their teeth and get to the door first.”


They dashed toward the bathroom, giggling. Two minutes later, Daniel had won, with Sophia a close […]

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Are Your Supply Chain Savings Viewed with Skepticism? When Asset Disposition Shakes Hands with Finance & Accounting

Here’s how you can show value.
 A client of ours, who is a VP of Supply Chain Management, jokingly refers to the historic challenge that supply chain dollars are often viewed as being very different than REAL dollars. In a sentence, he captured one of the most fundamental challenges facing the procurement and supply chain […]

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Investment Recovery Association Looking to Double Membership: Introducing Plus One

 Introducing the PLUS ONE Member Growth Program We understand how time constrained everyone is and feel that a high value should be placed on those members and associates who spend the time, effort and energy necessary to recruit new members for the association. So, we’re introducing a concept that (in theory at least) could […]

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