Gordie Chennell takes scrap wire sales from zero to $750,000, wins Bell Aliant Achievement Award
Late in 2007, it was identified that Bell Aliant had not recovered any salvage dollars for scrap wire or wire pulled from service from large tear-down projects. Gordon Chennell, operations  manager-materials, started on a fact-finding mission that led to the development of a new business process to ensure Bell Aliant received reasonable returns on the sale of this scrap wire. Through his

investigation he found that there was actually no process to determine how much wire was being sold or what the fair market return of that material should yield.
Gordon has since revamped the entire process, which now involves issuing RFPs for each sale to ensure the organization receives a fair market return on the material. In the past 12 months, this has created nearly $750,000 on sales and has brought bidders from across Canada to the table. Prior to this process improvement, Bell Aliant had recovered zero dollars from scrap wire in a 12-month period.

This initiative has created real bottom line value for Bell Aliant and has built a solid business process that has been extended to other areas. It has most recently been used to complete a sale of batteries on the base metal market. This is a shining example of operational efficiency and value creation for Bell Aliant, for which Gordon was recognized with the Bell Aliant Achievement Award, a significant personal

and professional achievement for the new IR program he started in his company.
Congratulations, Gordie!

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