After another successful Investment Recovery Conference, hoping that those of you who had an opportunity to attend found it as enjoyable and beneficial as I did. It was great hearing comments about the wonderful speakers we had lined up. I was wowed by the New York Times best-selling author, Steve McClatchy. What an energetic and animated keynote speaker! He had the entire room locked in on him as he shared his words of wisdom and his message. Go to and type in “Decide” in the book search…it’s at the very top, and well worth picking up.

But most important for the success of our conference are the fellow members who volunteered their time and energy to share their own special take on dozens of IR-specific topics. Decades of experience and thousands of hours of preparation went into the presentations, and it’s a credit to all that we’ve now achieved the milestone of 80 such events! The legacy and hard work of our early members, association staff (especially Jane Male, our executive director) and CMIR Fellows (Bill Yerkey, Paul Wengert, Dennis Knutz and Michael Rhodes) continue to provide dividends for all of us.

There were many first-time attendees and new companies at the conference. Our membership has always been as warm and welcoming as the Scottsdale sun, so it was great to see the networking and mingling with other members. And clearly not first-timers were the 15 new CMIRs who have some well-earned knowledge to share!

I don’t know of another association where the members are as dedicated to their profession and willing to help others. The list of colleagues–and now friends–that have helped me along the way continues to grow. So please take my advice and utilize the association’s primary asset…your fellow members. This issue has a list of the sponsors and exhibitors, which is a great place to start. For more contacts, go to the “Members” section of the website ( for a searchable database of individuals and companies by various industries.

I was humbled and deeply honored to be re-elected to serve as your board president. I promise to serve with the utmost drive and passion possible to help your association provide the best results possible.

Toward that end, the board and committees are well into the planning for this year and next. As you may know, the next conference will be held in Chicago, March 29–April 1, 2015. But we’re also looking into additional ways to communicate together between now and then, hoping to bring you the best possible experience and investment recovery education throughout the year.

Again, I thank you for the opportunity to serve you. I am deeply thankful and wish you all the best in the year ahead. Sincerely, Todd Thompson CMIR, Colorado Springs Utilities President, Investment