Introducing the PLUS ONE Member Growth Program We understand how time constrained everyone is and feel that a high value should be placed on those members and associates who spend the time, effort and energy necessary to recruit new members for the association. So, we’re introducing a concept that (in theory at least) could rapidly double the corporate member companies of the Investment Recovery Association. All it takes is for each member to get one new member to join! Incentives for participation: We recognize that although the membership dues themselves are fairly reasonable (especially when considering that the dues cover ALL participating IR individuals in the company), conference attendance can be a challenge for travel and/or training budgets. So, as a reward for your efforts in the PLUS ONE program, you’ll be able to earn $251 toward 2013 fees for the Investment Recovery Seminar & Trade Show in Memphis when you sponsor your very first new “corporate” member. And, when you “Plus More”, you can earn all the way up to entirely free conference fees plus three nights hotel and $500 airfare reimbursement! +1 Club: One New Member: Golf shirt for you plus $251 certificate good for any association expense except dues for you. +5 Club: Five New Members: Golf shirt for you, plus FREE conference fees AND one night hotel for you to attend the Memphis seminar. +10 Club: Ten New Members: Golf shirt, plus FREE conference fees, three nights hotel and airfare reimbursement (up to $500) to attend the 2013 conference! Tools to help you succeed! Sign up to participate, and we’ll send you a free Sign-up Kit with a printed supply of Member Benefits Brochures, plus sample letters to send to prospective new members, email templates, follow-up letter formats, sample call scripts and membership application—all pre-loaded on a jump drive to be easily customizable for your own use. And, we’ll even include a free copy of the Investment Recovery Handbook, which you may want to give to that potential new member. Investment Recovery Association new member program …. with a little help from you!
Who is eligible? Every member and associate member of the Investment Recovery Association can participate. The PLUS ONE incentives are for bringing new “corporate” members to the association. A corporate member is defined as a business or governmental entity having an ongoing investment recovery program for the disposition of surplus assets that are ancillary to the entity’s principal business activity. Brokers, dealers or service providers involved in the sale, purchase or exchange of surplus goods and commodities are eligible for associate membership. Do we get credit for new associate members? Not as part of the PLUS ONE Program (that’s for new corporate memberships only). But you’ll still receive a $50 certificate good for conference fees and be recognized as part of the President’s Club, just like before. What is the time frame for PLUS ONE? From now through December 31, 2012. (The 2013 PLUS ONE Program will have the same incentives and will run from January through December 2013.) REGISTER ONLINE TO RECEIVE YOUR FREE PLUS ONE SIGN-UP KIT: Kit contents include a free Investment Recovery Handbook, a supply of the new Membership Benefits Brochures and a jump drive pre-loaded with prospecting tools, sample call scripts, sample letters and emails plus membership applications for when you’ve successfully added “PLUS ONE!” For more information and to sign up for this program go to