How well is your investment recovery effort doing?
What is the benefit-to-cost ratio?
How do you compare with others in your industry?

The Association’s Benchmark Study provides the vital yardstick of our profession. Available only to Investment Recovery Association members, the Benchmarking Studies give the ability to compare your efforts against others in your industry category, as well as all investment recovery operations worldwide.

The study is fielded and compiled by the Center for Advanced Purchasing Studies of Arizona State University (CAPS). This valuable data allows members to create their own internal standards, set realistic goals and measure their progress.

For highlights of the most recent Investment Recovery Association Benchmark Study, you can email our headquarters at

MEMBERS: The latest study (2017) is now available. CLICK HERE

Benchmarking Reports

Every two years (previously, every three years), the Association funds the Investment Recovery Performance Benchmarking Report. Although participation in the study is not limited to members of the Investment Recovery Association, the results are, making this one of the significant benefits of Association membership.

The IR Performance Benchmark Study is an extensive research study independently fielded by the Center for Advanced Procurement and Supply Research (CAPS Research.) CAPS is a global research organization jointly sponsored by the W. P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University and the Institute for Supply Management. They are considered the leading-edge resource for purchasing, sourcing, and supply chain management research studies.

Reports from the most recent study (data year 2012), released in 2013.

The “2013” and earlier reports can be downloaded below:

2013 Benchmark Final Report
2011 Benchmark Final Report
2007 Executive Summary
2007 Benchmark Final Report
2004 Executive Summary
2004 Benchmark Final Report
2001 Benchmark Final Report
1999 Benchmark Final Report
1996 Benchmark Final Report
1995 Benchmark Final Report