Finding Value in Still-Valuable Assets

IR practitioners generate hundreds of millions of dollars each year.

How’s this for a startling fact: A large company with say $10 billion in annual revenue, likely has about $40–$50 billion in physical assets–from office equipment to manufacturing facilities and the machinery required for operations. Over time, those assets wear out, become functionally obsolete, or are no longer needed where they were originally put into service. Benchmarking our members, we’ve found that on average, almost 20% of their total assets at any point in time are surplus to the needs of the organization! WOW…you’re talking almost an entire year’s revenue that’s sitting idle…slurping up more liquid assets than a teenager at a 7-11!

That’s where investment recovery adds exceptional value…we are the missing link in the supply chain. We profitably help manage the entire life-cycle of all the assets within your organization. Cradle-to-grave costs you money. Cradle-to-cradle makes you money. Lots of it. Here’s how:

  • IR professionals employ a unique process to find and identify assets no longer being fully-utilized by their organization.
  • These distinct steps are designed to recoup the highest-possible value from those assets.
  • As a result, professionally-run IR Departments return over 30X bottom-line net profit for every dollar invested in investment recovery operations, making Investment Recovery among the most productive departments in any organization!
There are two types of membership in the Association.
Membership for a business or governmental entity, foreign or domestic, with an ongoing investment recovery program that is ancillary to the entities’ principal business activity.

Persons who are employees or agents of certain business, education, and governmental entities like brokers, dealers, contractors, consultants and others who are actively engaged in providing services or information with respect to the disposition of surplus asset.