Communication among utility members is quite active. In some cases, even radioactive! Early in  January, Jimmy Gray, Investment Recovery Senior Analyst for Georgia Power Company, posted a request on the Investment Recovery Association website for some help to see if any utility company members had any experience selling radiation contamination equipment. The association office did two things to get help the word out. Within a couple of hours, it had set up a Utility Member Forum, then composed and sent an email newsletter to the 97 members who work for utility companies to participate in the forum and provide insight for their fellow member. Jimmy received a couple phone calls and there were some helpful postings to the Utility Forum.

But wait…there’s more! That’s not the only communication buzzing around the utility company members. Nick Chapman of American Electric Power has coordinated a conference call with an ad hoc group of electric utility Investment Recovery Association members about three or four times a year for the last several years. Nick comments, “The ability to network with all types of industry investment-recovery-experienced professionals and speakers in the conferences provides an excellent venue for members to learn new ideas and best practices that relate to IR. The networking with other electric utility company IR professionals  was the basis for me developing our quarterly electric utility IR conference calls to discuss common IR issues, best practices and solutions to a variety of topics. Currently we have 22 electric utility companies that are now interested and participating in our quarterly calls.

All evolved from my interface with these individuals attending Investment Recovery Association  conferences.” Agenda topics are solicited from all the electric utility members participating, with the person suggesting an agenda item taking the lead on that topic during the call. If you would like to establish a forum for your industry or want help starting regular conference calls with other members in your particular field, contact Jane Male, Executive Director.