We are living in times that may well give us the biggest changes of our lives. How we advocate our positions and react to change will no doubt impact our futures– globally, nationally and within the Investment Recovery Association.

Global Sustainability

International organizations and most advanced countries are embarking on programs designed to  help reduce carbon emissions and create more sustainable lifestyles for present and future generations. Some would have the world go back to ways of life that we haven’t seen for centuries. Others take a more reasoned approach, yet want the world to reduce carbon emissions to pre-1990s levels. Whatever the outcome, the world and business as we know it today will most certainly change over the next decades.
Sustainability is not just an issue for this business cycle,but will be an important part of business decisions for a decade or more. Most likely, you have already seen sustainability playing an increased role in your organization. The most progressive companies have produced at least one corporate sustainability report. But if your company is not embracing sustainability, it’s not too late. The earlier policies are adopted around sustainability, the better your company will be positioned to
prosper as a result.
So, how are you advocating for sustainability, and how will you react to the changes? As an Investment Recovery professional, you are part of a business segment that has been actively implementing sustainable activities longer than any other. Promote what you do as an integral part of a sustainable future…for the good of your company and your career!

National Health Care

The furor surrounding the nation’s health care system has advocates coming from every conceivable angle. Yet no matter one’s position, it’s important that an open debate occur about such a significant part of our way of life. Isn’t it amazing that almost daily, there are news accounts of how a position is advanced by email, or the media or some other spin mechanism? So my question to you is, how are you advocating, and how will you react to the changes?
Whether a massive overhaul of the current health care system occurs or whether it stays essentially status quo, your company will be affected, as will your family and obviously yourself. So, whether you want lots of change or little, you should advocate!

Your Association
Finally, you have seen a number of changes in the last several months for the Investment Recovery Association. And I can assure you, there have been advocates for all positions. I embrace the advocacy. I want to thank all of you who have taken the time to weigh in on the changes the Board of Directors has been wrestling with. I also want to say, “Thank you!” to the board members and the committee chairs for taking time to wade through all of those potential changes and positions. We have made tough decisions, but you have addressed them with an open mind and open dialogue,

and the decisions you have made will last for quite some time.

Are You an Advocate?
If you have an interest in serving the association, watch for a notice from Jane Male, our executive director, with nominating forms for expiring positions on the Board of Directors. This is an opportunity to nominate someone to advocate and to engage in dialogue with other dedicated IR professionals in running your association. Maybe even you!


Dave Rupert, President, CMIR, JD, LLM