What a wonderful time of the year. There are parties with friends and family gatherings where even “weird Uncle Frank” can almost seem normal. The heat of the summer is past and some parts of the country are even enjoying a classic symbol of winter—snow! This is the time to finalize the year that is passing, and to look forward with anticipation. Although 2011 possibly wasn’t a record-setter for you (Congratulations if it was!), at least it seems as if some of the economic indicators are pointing to the North. (Maybe it’s a Santa thing, who knows?)
With our last edition of 2011, I’m pleased to look back on a year with many significant accomplishments:
  • We continued our IR Lunch & Learn programs with successful events in the Midwest and Southwest.
  • We advanced an unprecedented change to the association’s education pillar and presented one of the most successful Seminar and Trade Shows the Association has undertaken.
  • We achieved a major milestone in compiling a new handbook for the association and our profession, which will soon be published.
As I look toward the coming year and think of the opportunities we have before us, I couldn’t be more excited. We’ll continue our regional outreach with a Lunch & Learn right in the beginning of the year in Florida. Our 78th Seminar and Trade Show in Scottsdale, AZ is shaping up to be even more informative than our 2011 version. And the first edition of the Investment Recovery Handbook will be hitting the printer’s press in time to be delivered at the Scottsdale event. Plus, we will also be kicking-off more improvements in the content and delivery of our educational components and delivery methods.
Thankfully, I see an association that is financially sound at a time when many organizations find themselves fearful of their future. In short, 2012 is shaping up to be a wonderful year for OUR Association. Perhaps most importantly, I see a dedicated group of people that continually work within a VOLUNTEER organization with zeal. I see an Executive Director and staff that care deeply for the association that they manage, and put their hearts and souls into all they do. I see a marketing firm that has embraced our association as though they are Investment Recovery professionals just like us.
And lastly, I see Members and Associate Members who work side-by-side on projects understanding that we are all on the same team. So thank you ALL for a wonderful 2011. I am truly looking forward to working with all of you in 2012!
Happy New Year!
Dave Rupert, CMIR, JD, LLM