Remember all the fuss (and expense) over Y2K? Yet for all the media frenzy at the end of 1999, I don’t recall even a single mention of Y2K this time around as we
wrapped up the first decade of the 2000s, which is to
say that we tend to have a short memory of things past
and aren’t very good at predicting the future. But a
new decade gives us good reason to take a good look
at our industry, our association, our own company and
Our industry and the association. In a recent online
survey of members, most of us indicated that “Investment
Recovery had increased in visibility or importance”
within our organization over the last decade.
That’s a good thing. Likewise, when asked if we were
satisfied with the value the IR group brings to our
organizations, 85% said that we were either “very satisfied”
(45%) or “somewhat satisfied” (40%). The feature
article goes into some detail on this, but one takeaway
is that as a profession, the significant benefit of a professionally
managed asset recovery program is being recognized
within the companies of our members. (I think
you will really enjoy the insights within this edition’s
excellent feature article.)
Yet perhaps for many, the value received by the company
is well ahead of the recognition for those accomplishments.
Improving the awareness of the positive
impact that professional management of surplus assets
can have on a company’s bottom line and on our country’s
sustainability efforts is a role that the Investment
Recovery Association is ready to tackle. And we’re
already showing some progress.
Over the last few months, we have sponsored email
newsletters to over 100,000 supply chain professionals.
When people respond to the offer of a white paper titled
“Missing Link of the Supply Chain”, our Membership
committee members follow up with phone calls and
an offer to help answer questions. Many of you have
shared individual articles or whole issues of Asset 2.0
internally and with suppliers, peers and other industry
professionals. (We now have 24 past issues and over 80
articles posted on the website for you to access online.)
Efforts such as these will continue to have a positive
effect on our image and the health of the association.
Are you getting the full benefit from your membership
in the association? If not, consider volunteering for one
of the committees. Use the opportunity to do some
serious networking with your fellow IR practitioners
during the New Orleans Seminar and Trade Show. Send
suggestions to the Board members (and talk with them
in New Orleans) and Jane Male, our Executive Director,
on how we can improve as a service organization for all
of our membership and the industry.
Our companies and ourselves. How are your New
Year’s resolutions holding up? If it feels like the time
has passed to review your accomplishments in 2009,
and plan for achieving your goals in the years ahead, it
hasn’t. Personally and professionally, there is no better
time than NOW to recommit yourself to achieving your
best. Want to earn your Certified Manager of Investment
Recovery (CMIR) designation? Begin in New
Orleans with a full day of six CMIR-oriented sessions,
more than we have ever offered in a single conference.
Use the benchmark of a new decade to plot a path
for 2020.