I’ve been talking for a couple of years about the changes the association has been making to improve our already-strong educational pillar. Thankfully, with the help of many volunteers, my talk is about to be backed-up with words. 360 pages of words (and charts) actually!
I’m very pleased to report that during the upcoming conference in March, we will reveal a new and definitive work for the investment recovery profession: Investment Recovery Handbook, adding value to the supply chain, will soon be available for purchase on the association website, on Amazon…and maybe even at a few more discerning bookstores!
How we got here: During the Board’s strategic planning sessions, we discussed our need to improve how the educational pillar of the association was presented to the membership. In going to a single conference per year, we knew we needed other ways to present educational materials between conferences and to conduct exams for those wanting to become professionally certified through our CMIR program.
With that, we embarked on re-writing the educational materials in a manner that would allow us to provide this professional information in many different formats: in-person, via webinars, through an enhanced website…while still maintaining the paper version of a “study guide.”
Then, during our last conference, we determined that a more comprehensive book would not only serve our immediate need for a new study guide, but could also leverage that information in a way that would reach beyond “just the association” as well. The first part of that strategy will be available for purchase at the March conference when we see the new Investment Recovery Handbook unveiled.
Where we’re going: This new publication will be the catalyst to move the educational element of our association even beyond the high level to which we have come to expect. During the conference in Scottsdale, we’ll also introduce a brand new educational web tool that will allow us to present a wide variety of educational content that will supplement the Handbook.
We’ve come a long way, but this is just the beginning. So if you’re looking for a warm and sunny place to take the winter chill from your bones, and want to experience the ‘educational excitement’ in person, I look forward to seeing you at the 78th Investment Recovery Seminar & Trade Show, in Scottsdale, Arizona on March 11-14th, 2012.
Best regards, Dave Rupert, CMIR, JD, LLM
derupert@aep.com 614.716.6811