As I read through the draft of this edition I was intrigued by the interesting and educational articles on demolition, recycling and the environmental impacts of these projects for ongoing business practices. A big thank-you to Fred Maier and Mike Mitchum, CMIR , who led educational seminars in Memphis and also contributed to this issue. They join a long list of so many other members who have taken the time to contribute as presenters, committee members or authors. Sharing your insight and knowledge helps make our association better and stronger. Several articles brought into play the issue of ethics. The newly-awarded CMIR s are fully aware of the CMIR Code of Ethics as it pertains to part of their certification. Ethical conduct is such an important part of our profession; I’d suggest we each take the time to read the CMIR Code of Ethics on page 13. It’s a pretty powerful statement, and a great way to do business! This is an exciting time to be involved in Investment Recovery. Whether you are relatively new to the business or a veteran, we all face challenges and issues that are new and different. Being part of the Investment Recovery Association is such a great asset (no pun intended) for each of us. We have access to members who work for some of the best global companies; they possess diverse skills and are quite willing to share their knowledge. I find myself calling upon friends and acquaintances routinely, as well as reaching out occasionally to new members or those companies I haven’t had the need for up until now. We already have quite an impressive membership, I can only think we will become even stronger as we grow larger. To that point, the Board of Directors is working on a new initiative that was raised during a strategic planning session in March. We have a group actively working to develop the format and planning for a one-day Investment Recovery Symposium, held in conjunction with the Supply Chain Management school of a major university. Our hope is to turn investment recovery from the “Missing Link” of the supply chain to a common thread that weaves its way throughout the lifecycle of all corporate assets. Look for more information as we head into the fall. Membership is our key to success. Sustaining active members and increasing new membership is not only important, it is essential and critical for our continued growth and prosperity. Take time this summer to reach out to those professionals you feel would benefit from membership. It is simply a matter of members helping (prospective) members! And speaking of that time between a late spring and (hopefully) lingering fall…I wish you all a happy and safe summer with family and loved ones. Regards, Todd Thompson CMIR , Colorado Springs Utilities President, Investment Recovery Association