In keeping with the “Safety” topics in this issue, I want to keep the momentum going with regard to membership in our association. Membership is the lifeblood of any organization such as ours, and a growing, dynamic membership base is certainly critical to the continued success and long-term safety of the Investment Recovery Association.

Growth Opportunities. While we have steady membership numbers, I believe we are at a time in the business cycle where more organizations can benefit from the substantial offerings the association provides members. Many companies are looking to enhance their bottom line during these difficult economic times and have started new investment recovery initiatives. Some companies have changed personnel and job requirements during staffing reductions, often leaving employees with little knowledge of investment recovery practices filling those positions. These are opportunities for us to reach out and bring these folks into our ranks. We hope we’ve set upon an idea that will get the word out about the association and maybe we can help these individuals prosper within their new positions.
In the last Asset 2.0 and in membership email alerts, you had an opportunity to learn about the Lunch n’ Learn that we presented in Houston. I have to tell you this; it was very gratifying to see so many people talk about the value of the Investment Recovery Association. We had numerous existing association members and new prospects in attendance, with lots of discussion all around. As you can imagine, there was no lack of dialogue between old friends, and there was equally wonderful interaction between the new prospects and our existing members. I am particularly grateful to the numerous members who gave examples of how membership in the Investment Recovery Association has helped them in their jobs. Testimony such as this has spurred at least two companies to join the association after attending the Lunch n’ Learn!
After the Houston event, the Board of Directors discussed how the program was received, and we have tentatively agreed that we will attempt to provide two more such sessions prior to our next Seminar and Trade Show in Scottsdale next March. If you have ideas for a location that will garner prospects for membership in the Association, please contact Jane Male, Executive Director.
Dave Rupert, President, CMIR, JD, LLM