I just heard the conductor shout, “Next stop, Memphis!” And yet I feel I just boarded the train. My, oh my, how time does fl y! Can it be? Says I to me. Year 2012 was an incredible year for the Association. We started off with a bang by unveiling our new Investment Recovery Handbook at the conference in Scottsdale. We followed that with fresh approaches to increasing membership (“PlusOne Program” and “Join the Conversation” brochure.) We introduced the Investment Recovery Online Campus. We continued with “Lunch & Learns”. We continued expansion of the Association’s LinkedIn group. And we revamped the certifi cation program for future CMIRs. Add to this a continuing improvement of quality information in Asset2.0, our own Investment Recovery Business Journal. What’s next, you say? Onward and upward as always! In my industry, it will be the investment recovery challenge/opportunity of retiring a host of coal-based generating stations. There’s a great article in this edition of Asset 2.0 about this very issue. Are we working ourselves out of a job? I think not. After some 25+ years in the business, I have yet to see a day that didn’t bring more dispositioning opportunities than we could handle in a normal day. In fact I’ve always liked to say, in a kind way, “We’ll turn the lights out for you.” Where there is growth, there is opportunity to move the old out of the way for the new. For me personally, this stop at Memphis Station for our 79th Investment Recovery Seminar and Trade Show will be very memorable. We’ll elect a fresh batch of Board members, and then choose a new group of offi cers to lead the Association into a great future. I’ll be stepping down as president for the third and most likely fi nal time in my career. What a great train ride it has been! Not too long from now, just over a year, I’ll be headed for Retirement Station from a company that has treated me very well. I have absolutely no regrets at having chosen investment recovery as my overriding profession for more than a quarter of a century. But not to worry! I’m already formulating plans for how I’ll move into the next phase of my life, and you can bet your bippy it will include investment recovery. It’s in the blood, and something we all know is something too rare and enjoyable to want to totally stop doing. Thank you to all of you for joining me on this ride. I’ve made a host of lifetime friendships along the route that can never be replaced. It has been a privilege and pleasure to work beside you at making the fi eld of investment recovery one that I will always cherish. “All aboard!” (Next stop in my life, Investment Recovery—Part 2.)
 Michael W. Rhodes, CMIR Fellow, Dominion Resources Services

President, Investment Recovery Association