My messages seem to be taking a similar tone as of late, but I believe it is one of my duties to keep all of you informed on what is going on within the Board of Directors. 
Those who follow baseball know that the trade deadline has just passed, with many trades happening as teams try to bolster their roster for the pennant race. Though we didn’t trade anyone, this feels like a similar scenario. As I mentioned in last month’s President’s Message, we had nearly accomplished our goal of having a full Board of Directors in June. A full Board consists of seven Member Directors, and two Associate Member Directors.

Shortly after having a Member Director resignation due to a job change (Jessica Jackson, CMIR), we also had an Associate Member Director resignation by Ron Brooks, CMIR. Ron had been self-employed, but was recently named Investment Recovery Supervisor at Xcel Energy. Upon his resignation as Associate Member Director, the Board of Directors appointed Ron to the vacant Member Director’s position. I recommended Ron for this appointment because of his commitment to our industry and association evidenced by his many years of service. In addition to his knowledge of on-going board initiatives, Ron is also instrumental in the retooling of our very critical educational component. I’m confident he will execute his duties as a Member Director in the best interests of the association. 

So, having an Associate Member Director vacancy, I proposed that we immediately fill that void so that the Associate Members of the association be fully represented with both Associate Member Director positions being occupied. (Still following me? Great!) To that end, I requested our legal counsel, Jim Cavanagh, to provide the Board with the name of the runner-up in the election process at the annual conference in Scottsdale this past March and ask whether she or he was still interested in serving the Association. To our delight, Randy Tower, CMIR, of GLM  DFW, Inc., a private company offering waste, recycling, logistics and investment recovery services, accepted the appointment to the Board of Directors as an Associate Member Director.

I am very pleased to inform you that we will now have the diversity in Board positions for which our bylaws provide and the leadership our association needs. We continuously strive to provide the representation on the Board that our membership expects and deserves. In closing, I want to state my sincere appreciation to Jane Male, CAE, Executive Director, Jim Cavanagh and the entire Board of Directors for working so closely to help us put together a winning team. I hope that all of you will delight in the way that your Board of Directors is working toward the future successes of your association. 

Sincerely, Dave Rupert, CMIR, JD, LLM 614.716.6811



Reprinted from ASSET 2.0, the Investment Recovery Business Journal, Vol. 4, 2011

© The Investment Recovery Association