Wow…it’s the last few weeks of the year! I hope you all had an opportunity to take a break away from work to enjoy some relaxing time with family and friends during Thanksgiving, and hopefully in the holiday times ahead. It seems like I am always doing some reflecting during this time of the year, and l like to look back to the many successes and even sometimes the not so successful projects to see what we do well and to work on anything that could use improvements. It’s also a time of being thankful for the many good things in my life; family, health, my career and for the great employees that do so much to make me successful as a manager and help propel my department’s level of performance.

I’m sure all of you have a lot to be thankful for, and it’s a great time for this awareness. We are all fortunate to be in a profession we enjoy and one we are so passionate about. This edition of ASSET 2.0 is full of more interesting and helpful information. There is a great article on Top Supply Chain and Investment Recovery Trends for the Next Ten Years.

Take a look at these topics and see how they may impact you and your organization. Also check out the interesting piece on Sochi, the upcoming site for the 2014 Winter Olympics. A remarkable insight into the area that will host this highly anticipated event, with some alarming facts. This year, like so many others, brought us challenges as IR professionals. We continue to work harder to market and sell our surplus equipment and make the most money possible for our organizations, or to hit goals and objectives set forth at the beginning of the year.

Being part of the Investment Recovery Association is one sure way to know you’re doing your best, armed with all the tools, knowledge and contacts possible to assist in meeting your goals. I know I constantly seek out those members in the association–whether they are long time partners or it’s a first time opportunity from someone I just met at the last conference. I meet at least one new contact every year that is able to provide me a valuable service or become a new outlet for my surplus.

With the next conference in mind- please see all the information in this article about the exciting event planned for us in Scottsdale, AZ in 2014. Mark your calendars now and be sure not to miss out on this extra special 80th conference celebration. Your Conference Committee has worked very hard to bring you the best speakers and information relevant to what’s happening in the IR profession and its going to be a time to enjoy and remember. Best holiday wishes for the remainder of the year!

Regards, Todd Thompson CMIR, Colorado Springs Utilities President, Investment Recovery Association