There’s an old saying about service companies – that their assets go down the elevator every night. Al Kidney, CMIR, recently took that downward elevator ride for the last time as an employee, retiring from NOVA Chemicals, the  largest ethylene and polyethylene complex in the world, near Red Deer,  Alberta, Canada. With his retirement from NOVA, Al is also resigning as  board member and secretary/ treasurer of the Investment Recovery  Association.

Al’s work in developing corporate policy and procedures and other  outstanding contributions to developing the company’s investment recovery program were recognized
by NOVA. Likewise, he has been a significant benefit to the Association, having been a member of the Benchmark Committee since attending his first conference ten years ago, being elected to the board of directors and assisting the Education Committee in the rewrite of the CMIR Study Guide.

Al is one “surplus asset” who has a lot of useful life left!
Reprinted from ASSET 2.0, the Investment Recovery Business Journal, Vol. 5, 2009

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