Four companies came up with four different answers and software solutions
for managing their lists of surplus assets.
Kris Eigenbrood, CMIR, Sherry Detloff,
CMIR, Ed Capovani and Donna Babcock
discussed their unique approaches to
keeping track of the surplus assets under
their management.

Kris Eigenbrood, CMIR, told of the evolution Campbell Soup Company has taken, from Lotus 1-2-3 spreadsheets to selecting Sir Systems, following his attendance at his first Investment Recovery Trade Show in 1996.

Sherry Detloff, CMIR, told us that the 162,000 pieces of surplus IT equipment generated yearly by State Farm Insurance is handled by two outsourced reseller/recyclers. Some of the equipment is donated, but the company’s policy is to make such donations with no operating system or other
software. None of their equipment goes overseas.
Capovani Brothers, a major buyer and seller of surplus semiconductor and scientific equipment, helped fund the development of Dynaprice, a business suite for inventory management of surplus assets and website functionality for displaying items for sale.
Donna Babcock told of her efforts with Aurora Healthcare Systems in the extensive development of an in-house capability for identifying and managing the significant amount of surplus generated
by their health-care facilities. This new software solution was tested successfully prior to the New Orleans conference, and will be implemented system-wide shortly.
Perhaps Ed Capovani said it best when he stated, “We manage our lists … to maximize our profits!” In Volume 6 of this year, ASSET 2.0 will feature an extensive review of the various software solutions, eTools and other options available for the professional management of surplus assets.
Reprinted from ASSET 2.0, the Investment Recovery Business Journal, Vol. 2, 2010

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