2016 Houston Conference and Trade Show: Presentations

Between the networking and business building there were plenty of learning opportunities. Download the presentations below.



Welcome to Houston! By CenterPoint Energy
Rick Bye, Director Environmental Services

CenterPoint Energy, headquartered in Houston, Texas provided us with a big Texas Welcome to kick-off the conference on Monday morning. David and Rick shared the value CenterPoint Energy receives from the relationship with their Investment Recovery department and other key pieces of information about their electrical operations.

Download PDF: CenterPoint Energy Welcome

Jerry Forte, CEO, Colorado Springs Utilities

Jerry is passionate about the Leader-to-Leader concept he developed and implemented at CSU. This intensive, multi-year program helped create a legacy of leadership that sustains the continued success and growth of the municipality. Mr. Forte shared the characteristics and day-to-day attributes of a great leader and valuable insight into the necessary tools that elevate your own skills.

Download PDF: Leader2Leader

IR Sustainability Best Practices
Russ Wilkenloh, CMIR, Asset Manager, Duke Energy

Great info on the best practices an investment recovery department should consider implementing in their company’s sustainability activities! A group from the Electric Utility Industry Sustainable Supply Chain Alliance, led by Russ, collected information from the IRA members during the 2015 networking sessions at the Chicago IR conference. Information from these sessions were used to compile this report.

Best Investment Recovery practices include:

  • Incorporating desirable sustainability practices in the IR Bid Process
  • Measuring waste reduction and recycling improvement
  • Aligning IR with other Supply Chain functions to improve performance and reduce waste
  • Aligning the IR function with organizations outside of the Supply Chain and/or Company
  • Considering alternative disposal practices

Download PDF: Investment Recovery Best Practice Guidance

An Update on the U.S. Economy
Tatiana Bailey, Ph.D., University of Colorado

The economy affects the numbers you are required to hit at work down to your own personal budget. Dr. Bailey, Director of the Southern Colorado Economic Forum and faculty member of the University of Colorado, shared with us her insights and knowledge:

  • An overview of economic trends and major national economic indicators since 2000
  • Where the trends are “trending” since the end of the recession, and what the U.S. fundamental strengths and weaknesses are currently
  • How those strengths and weaknesses will likely effect the remainder of 2016 and into 2017

Download PDF: Economic Presentation



Cyber Security
Edward Stroz, Executive Chairman, Stroz Friedburg

This session provided a current state-of-play summary of cyber security and how the conflict between attackers and the systems they target are playing out. Also addressed was the most vexing type of threat—the insider—and what can be done to address it. He showed how the work habits and behaviors of individuals can have a direct relationship to culture and security and what steps people should take to do their part to improve.

Download PDF: Cyber Security

Panel Discussion: Unique Opportunities for IR

Barry Street, CMIR, FPL/NextERA
Art Sferlazzo, R. Baker & Son
Diane Englet, CenterPoint Energy

Get an inside look into our members’ IR departments and how they handle their IR responsibilities: You will hear unusual management of an asset, how the process improved, the relationship between IR/Upper Management/Community, pitfalls to avoid and more.

Download PDF: Unique Opportunities in Investment Recovery

The Value of Analysis & Appraisal
Dennis Knutz, ASA, CMIR Fellow, Investment Recovery Exchange

Dennis shared his experience and knowledge of analyzing and appraising equipment. He took us through the Analysis and Appraisal steps: • Defining the problem • Assembling pertinent data • Gathering market research (from both new and used markets) • Applying knowledge and appropriate appraisal techniques • Possessing the experience and judgment to reach an appraisal conclusion.

Download PDF: Asset Valuations

CASE STUDY: Win-Win for Community,Environment and Economic Success
Michelle Eldridge, DTE Energy and Jay Wilber, Goodwill’s Green Works

Michelle and Jay shared their success putting the underserved in the Greater Detroit area to work in handling the scrap wire and cable for DTE. This program is win-win for the planet and the people involved, and a triple-win by providing a return to DTE.

Download PDF: Goodwills Green Works

Ethics and Customer Service
David Thames, Manager Investment Recovery, CMIR, DCP Midstream, LP

Two critical elements in every business transaction are ethics and customer service. In this context, ethics is simply doing the right thing for your business, yourself and the law. David showed attendees how to get back on track with steps to properly identify and communicate with your customer.

Download PDF: Investment Recovery Association, Ethics and Customer Service



Global Impact on Scrap Metals Prices
Ross Allen, Vice President, Argus Media

An overview of market activity in 2015 and 2016 for key energy commodities and metals markets, with a particular focus on the impact of market supply/demand fundamentals on prices. Get detailed analysis of key markets like ferrous scrap, copper, aluminum and more.

Download PDF: Argus Metalprices IRA

Panel Discussion: Implementing the “7R’s”

Carol Espitia, CenterPoint Energy
Kris Waters, CMIR, Cox Communication
Steve Ekin, Georgia Department of Administrative Services

What steps do YOU take when determining what to do with a surplus asset? IRA members demonstrated how they use the 7R’s in their day-to-day business.

Download PDF: InvestmentRecovery-7Rs