The elves have been busy again. A small group of dedicated woodworkers in central Ohio have been busy making hundreds of wooden toys for children who otherwise might not have anything under the tree this Christmas. Helping Santa with some much-needed free supplies was National Salvage and Service Company, an associate member of the Investment Recovery Association.

Throughout the year, when they come across some untreated cedar utility poles, they donate the surplus to the woodworkers. Actually, they’ve been doing this for about 20 years, creating chests of drawers for dolls, doll cradles, tractors, paddle chickens, jewelry boxes, semi trucks, puzzles, whistles, small cars, race cars and a model Rolls Royce. Along the way, they have brightened Christmas for thousands of children in local area hospitals and women’s shelters around the Columbus, Ohio area.

The project is more or less spearheaded by Granville, Ohio resident Leon Gage. Most of the men are retired, and are enjoying their time together. But most especially, they enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that they’re making toys that are going to somebody who might not get anything else for Christmas. It’s really a win-win-win: Children appreciate that they get some special toys, the men get the satisfaction of doing what they enjoy, and the folks at National Salvage get to realize that some of their surplus utility poles can have a second life as a rabbit!