The Benchmarking Committee met with
D. Steven Wade and Kristin Thies from CAPS Research to review the 2009 Benchmark Survey fielded by CAPS, and to discuss ways to increase survey participation in the future.

The committee is looking for help as they
move in this direction. Steven Wade then
spoke to the members on Monday afternoon to review the history of the benchmark surveys and the way the findings reflect the benefit of investment recovery operations to their organizations. Chairperson: Rob Hubert, We Energies, 414-221-4884

With the challenge of planning a major overhaul to the Seminar & Trade Show, the Conference Committee made some significant changes for New Orleans. The new format provided additional exhibit times for the Trade Show, which was well received. Additionally, we also offered more presentations in large group settings, and eight hours of a CMIR Core Course Track were held all
day Wednesday. There is always room for improvement and the committee is looking to do just that! A survey was sent via email to all who attended the New Orleans event, with feedback being taken into consideration for future events.
The committee is working on 2011, with a planned destination of Scottsdale, AZ; the conference may be held at the same location two years in a row. The dates have not been finalized at this printing. Chairperson: Chris Robinson, Duke Energy, 513.287.4214
The Education Committee reviewed the new and revised chapters for the Certified Manager of Investment Recovery (CMIR) Study Guide. There are a few chapters that still need work, but the committee hopes to have those finalized by the end of March. The committee is providing a plan to the board that will include new exams, new presentations and a means for those already in the CMIR certification process to complete their certification within the new format. Chairperson: Ron Brooks, CMIR, R. Brooks Consulting, 360.872.0480
Meeting together, the Information Technology Committee and the Public Relations Committee reviewed the association website, discussing various ideas about how to continue to improve the value for members and the association as a whole. During the seminar sessions, Dave Miller, creative director and partner of Group 365, the association’s marketing firm, made a presentation on updating directory listings. A tutorial for doing this is posted on the members-only section of the website. Chairperson: Kevin Graham, CMIR, CPA, Materials Management Resources, 281.579.0049
The Membership Committee discussed launching a new “Lunch & Learn” program where members and prospective members could gather to network and learn about the benefits of the association. The program would target a specific geographical area with a short educational program presented
over lunch. We hope to have the first Lunch & Learn launched by the summer! Everyone would be welcome, and we would encourage your support of this effort. The board welcomed John Buckert, CMIR, as the new committee chair. He is taking the lead on the new Lunch & Learn initiative.
The Association had a great response to the Supply Chain article describing the Investment Recovery department as an important link in the supply chain. During the opening session of the conference, Dave Rupert asked for member volunteers to call a few new member prospects. The hands went up … 21 members in the audience agreed to call prospects and encourage them to learn more
about the association and join! We were pleased with this response and look forward to getting these people involved Chairperson: John Buckert, CMIR, South West Pipe Services, 281.455.5578
The sun did come out for the golf outing at the end of the New Orleans conference, but it was very windy and challenging. The winning group, with a 5 under 67, was Tony Fluellen, John Buckert, CMIR, Jeff Fife and Jim Ewanek. During the business meeting, an election of board members was held. Bil Loghry was re-elected as associate director, and Kelly May, CMIR, Salt River Project was elected as
a new director. 
Reprinted from ASSET 2.0, the Investment Recovery Business Journal, Vol. 2, 2010

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