Break It Down, a program aired on the
National Geographic Channel, featured
associate member firm, Brandenburg Industrial
Service Company tackling one of its more
unique projects, a building that was made to
be virtually impenetrable—the Riverfront State
Prison in Camden, New Jersey. This sixteen-acre
property sits on valuable riverfront real estate,
so the prison got a death sentence, and the land
is being cleared for new construction. From cell
blocks, a library, a chapel, four guard towers,
and razor wire—it all came crashing down.
Brandenburg worked hard to recycle as much
material from the old prison as possible, creating
a site that’s now ripe for a new beginning.
Separately, the firm has ranked #1 or #2 on
the list of demolition contractors listed by
Engineering News Record magazine for the
last three years.

Reprinted from ASSET 2.0, the Investment Recovery Business Journal, Vol. 3, 2011

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