The Investment Recovery Online Campus represents a significant educational opportunity that every individual in every company in the association can take advantage of. Launched with hundreds of online training courses covering a wide range of topics, the Online Campus brings high-quality personal development to the desktop of everyone in the association. Each member rep (associate and member companies) should already have received the user name and password login information that can be shared with their entire department’s employees.
Click on the ONLINE CAMPUS link to learn more and begin taking advantage of the significant array of online courses available now. Additional IR-specific courses will be added over time.
Online Campus Featured Course : SUPERVISION TRAINING “Supervising a Pronoid”
This month’s featured course from the IR Online Campus is “Supervising a Pronoid.” It’s great insight if you’re responsible for managing a “Pronoid”… someone who is the opposite of paranoid (delusions of persecution). Pronoids have delusions of acceptability, thinking they’re doing great even while they create conflicts and problems around them! Learn the special coaching tactics to help these team members adjust their approach to improve their performance and people skills. Every course in the Investment Recovery Online Campus has video, a study guide and a clear set of learning objectives reinforced with testing backup.