About the Investment Recovery Association

For more than 50 years the Investment Recovery Association has been focused on promoting the professional management of surplus assets. Members of the Investment Recovery Association learn procedures, improve their skills and have access to the professional business contacts that allow them to provide exceptionally high returns for their organizations.

Unfortunately, no university teaches Surplus Asset Management. So the knowledge-sharing we provide supply chain management generates millions of otherwise-lost dollars in asset value. Our education provides purchasing departments and supply chain professionals with seat-of-the-pants decision-making skills for the best disposition methods for surplus.


  • The ‘Gold Standard’ for professional achievement in this industry is to achieve Certified Manager of Investment Recovery (CMIR) status.
  • We are the ONLY organization providing professional certification for this field.
  • Our primary function is to provide in-depth education focused solely on this complicated and highly-profitable function.
  • Learn how practitioners can save their companies-primarily Fortune 1,000 businesses-hundreds of millions of dollars each year.