Join the only association that is dedicated to the personal and professional growth of professionals who buy, sell, or manage surplus assets.

Professional Growth & Best Practices 

Keeping ahead of the learning curve means having exclusive access to one-of-a-kind practical knowledge, thought leadership, best practices, research, connections and tools to this niche industry.
That’s exactly what a membership in the Association will provide for you and your organization. Professional growth on a personal level and increased ROI and sustainability at the organizational level. No other association or group exists whose sole focus is investment recovery and its ever-expanding role and impact.

Adapting To Change

Today, success is all about adapting to change in an ever-changing environment. What was once buying, selling, or managing surplus assets has evolved into corporate sustainability and regulatory compliance at a lightning-quick pace. Successful IR professionals everywhere have taken on new roles as change agents in their organizations.

And their secret to success?

Their membership in the Investment Recovery Association. It’s where they can plug into the unique knowledge, know-how and connections for personal and professional growth.

What is Investment Recovery?

Investment recovery today has evolved into a complex and crucial component in an organization’s sustainability program. Its reach goes beyond recycling and surplus asset management to include regulatory compliance, circular economy methodologies, environmental stewardship, zero waste attainment, and ROI maximization.


There are two types of membership in the Investment Recovery Association


Organizations whose core business is something other than managing surplus assets. ($499 / per year)

The learning curve for surplus asset management is steep, even for seasoned professionals. That’s where we help a lot. No other association or group focuses solely on the buying, selling, and managing of surplus assets. We are all about value creation. Independent research has shown that our members provide a hefty bottom-line value to their organizations, returning more than $20 for every $1 invested. Regular membership benefits include:

• One Membership Includes All Employees of Your Organization

• Full Access to the Online IR Learning Center (LMS)

• Opportunities for Professional Certification (CMIR)

• ASSET 2.0, the Investment Recovery Business Journal

• Complementary IR Handbook for new members

• Investment Recovery Industry Benchmarking Study

• Vendor Directory of IR Services

• Discount on IR Conference and Trade Show Event

• Investment Recovery Roundtables

• Searchable archives of more than 250 articles


Companies who represent specialized services used by investment recovery professionals. ($649 / per year)

IR is a unique specialization, where suppliers are more than a purchase order, but a trusted partner with market ready solutions. Imagine an exhibit hall where every attendee is an IR professional looking to build or renew a vendor relationship. They are faced with changes that bring new challenges in search of solutions. It’s this kind of environment where long-term relationships get their start…or rejuvenated with fresh approaches.

Our associate members provide dozens of targeted services; from appraisals of used equipment … to auctioneers … demolition and environmental remediation contractors to scrap metal dealers and IT asset disposition specialists – for starters. Associate members can enjoy the following benefits:

• One Membership Includes All Employees of Your Organization

• Directory of Members by industry

• Discount on the IR Conference & Trade Show

• ASSET 2.0, the Investment Recovery Business Journal

• Listing in Directory of IR Services

• Networking Opportunities

• Searchable archives of more than 250 articles

• Exclusive IRA Resources & Information

• Full Access to the online IR Learning Center (LMS)

To join the Investment Recovery Association, call (816) 561-5323, or apply online: