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Supply Chain’s Transformational Journey from Linear to Circular. Richard Martin, CEO, Requis

Supply Chain’s Transformational Journey from Linear to Circular

Hosted By: Richard Martin, CEO, Requis

Richard Martin is a 25-year veteran of the high-tech industry working for technology leaders such as VMware, Nortel, Bay Networks, 3Com, Chipcom, Memotec, Bell Northern Research, and IBM.


  • One hundred billion tonnes of material feed the 8 billion people’s ‘need.’ 50% is wasted without ever being used, and we are only 7% circular.
  • Circular is not only good for the environment but will also drive higher margins
  • Circular KPIs will start to emerge to help tie to the goal of 50% circular by the end of the decade

CMIR Certification: Why, What, and How.

Hosted By: Paul Hoffman

The CMIR designation provides you with the credential that proves you have achieved the highest level of professional standards, knowledge, and expertise in IR.  It could mean career advancement in a fast-growing and dynamic industry. Savvy employers understand that a certified professional is their best investment for staying ahead of sustainability and compliance opportunities and challenges.

This webinar provides a roadmap to earning your CMIR. Highlights include:

  • What is CMIR certification

  • Eligibility requirements

  • Overview of the exam format

  • Subject matter covered in the exam

  • Next steps

Investment Recovery: Reducing Risk and Optimizing Return in a High-Demand Used-Device Market

Hosted By: Brooks Hoffman, Principal at Iron Mountain.

The market for used IT equipment is seeing record demand. Recent disruptions in the supply chain coupled with a sudden surge in remote workers have resulted in an unbalance of market supply and demand never seen before. There has been no better time to resale or dispose of IT assets. However, you must beware of the risks. As you look to outside resources to optimize your return, you must ensure that your organization isn’t exposed to data security risk, and doesn’t contribute to environmental damage.

This webinar provides a brief overview of the significant ITAD-related third-party certifications that exist and help you understand what type of assurance they provide.


ASSET DISPOSITION OPTIONS: Proven ROI strategies to implement today

Hosted By: Stacey Elliott, CMIR
Investment Recovery Advisor at Material Management Resources, Inc.

ho among us hasn’t faced this challenge: “I need more strategic disposition options – period!” Don’t worry, we’ve all been there – especially when we manage more assets and more complex assets. That’s why Stacey Elliott, CMIR, MMR will be presenting this just-in-time webinar for all IR pros!


  • 28 questions you need to ask to ensure maximum efficiency and ROI
  • A step-by-step disposition timeline leaving nothing to chance
  • MMR case studies to demonstrate success
  • Proven strategies you can implement today

Carbon Credits: How Investment Recovery Can Help Reach Net Zero

Hosted By: Lord Colin Moynihan
Senior Adviser to Cleveland Industrial Recycling.
Former Chairman of Hydrodec

As an IR professional, you have a voice in helping your company meet its Net Zero goals. What if you had new strategies to offset emissions and close the ‘transformer oil loop’ using Carbon Credits? Those ‘what ifs’ are now the solutions you’ve been seeking. Tune into the next webinar, March 22, at 10:00 CST and learn:


  • Carbon Credits and how they can offset emissions
  • Strategies for using Carbon Credits
  • How oil can equal Carbon Credits
  • Closed-loop system for a utility and their transformer oil
Webinar-Georgia government state house

Investment Recovery in State Government

Hosted by: Steve Ekin, CPPA, GCPA  |  Director, Surplus Division,
Georgia Department of Administrative Services

Discuss how the state of Georgia converted a three warehouse collection system to a completely virtual disposal process.

Discussion Topics:

  • What were the challenges to going virtual
  • What change management was needed
  • Implementation of the Investment Recovery 7 R’s
  • How to manage everything from heavy equipment to lasers
  • Open Discussion

The Fundamentals of Investment Recovery

Hosted By: Todd Thompson, CMIRF
Investment Recovery Operations Supervisor SPC Supply Chain Management -Colorado Springs Utilities

A recent study has shown that, on average, 20% of an organization’s assets are surplus to its needs. In this webinar, you will learn the proven methods and best practices for streamlining the process of getting the most return on your surplus industrial assets.


  • What is Investment Recovery and the process
  • The financial impact of IR on an organization’s bottom line
  • The 7 R’s of Investment Recovery
  • Understanding Your Customer
  • The impact of sustainability

Streamlining the Surplus Asset Sale Process

Hosted By: Jamil Rahman, Founder & CEO, Aucto

A recent study has shown that, on average, 20% of an organization’s assets are surplus to its needs. In this webinar, you will learn the proven methods and best practices for streamlining the process of getting the most return on your surplus industrial assets.


  • Market Trends: The Accelerated Growth of Online
  • How To Prepare, Catalog, and Price Assets For Sale
  • Creating Demand for Your Surplus Assets
  • Understanding Your Customer
  • Mitigating Your Risk

How Do You Compare? Results of the Investment Recovery Association Benchmark Study

Hosted By: Geoff Zwemke, Director of Benchmarking, CAPS Research

Rick Siegfried, CMIR, Investment Recovery ManagerPPL Electric Utilities (retired)

CAPS Research, the third-party administrator of our Benchmark Study along with Richard Siegfried, CMIR, PPL Utilities, will share the results of the latest Benchmark Study. They will help you…

  • Understand what is included in the numbers
  • How you compare with your own metrics and reporting
  • Plus tips on how you could use this information internally

Hosted By: Mark Hutson, CMIR