The Ultimate Directory for Greater Returns on Surplus Assets.

If you buy, sell, or manage surplus assets, you need to download this valuable resource. The 2023 comprehensive list of our Associate Members—providing products and services specific to the Investment Recovery industry.

For easy reference, the directory is organized alphabetically and then by these eight key categories: 

(1) Surplus Sales and Marketing

(2) Surplus Equipment

(3) Oil & Gas Equipment

(4) Environmental & Demolition Services

(5) Metals, Scrap Management, Wood

(6) Utility Company Surplus

(7) Computer, IT & Electronic eScrap 

(8) IR Support Services

If you are a current member of the Investment Recovery Association, you also have access to the searchable online Directory, which also includes Regular Members. Please bookmark this page for updated listings and contact information.

2024 Investment Recovery Association Directory

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What is Investment Recovery?

Investment recovery today has evolved into a complex and crucial component in an organization’s sustainability program. Its reach goes beyond recycling and surplus asset management to include regulatory compliance, circular economy methodologies, environmental stewardship, zero waste attainment, and ROI maximization.


There are two types of membership in the Investment Recovery Association


Organizations whose core business is something other than managing surplus assets. ($499 / per year)

The learning curve for surplus asset management is steep, even for seasoned professionals. That’s where we help a lot. No other association or group focuses solely on the buying, selling, and managing of surplus assets. We are all about value creation. Independent research has shown that our members provide a hefty bottom-line value to their organizations, returning more than $20 for every $1 invested. Regular membership benefits include:

• One Membership Includes All Employees of Your Organization

• Full Access to the Online IR Learning Center (LMS)

• Opportunities for Professional Certification (CMIR)

• ASSET 2.0, the Investment Recovery Business Journal

• Complementary IR Handbook for new members

• Investment Recovery Industry Benchmarking Study

• Vendor Directory of IR Services

• Discount on IR Conference and Trade Show Event

• Investment Recovery Roundtables

• Searchable archives of more than 250 articles


Companies who represent specialized services used by investment recovery professionals. ($649 / per year)

IR is a unique specialization, where suppliers are more than a purchase order, but a trusted partner with market ready solutions. Imagine an exhibit hall where every attendee is an IR professional looking to build or renew a vendor relationship. They are faced with changes that bring new challenges in search of solutions. It’s this kind of environment where long-term relationships get their start…or rejuvenated with fresh approaches.

Our associate members provide dozens of targeted services; from appraisals of used equipment … to auctioneers … demolition and environmental remediation contractors to scrap metal dealers and IT asset disposition specialists – for starters. Associate members can enjoy the following benefits:

• One Membership Includes All Employees of Your Organization

• Directory of Members by industry

• Discount on the IR Conference & Trade Show

• ASSET 2.0, the Investment Recovery Business Journal

• Listing in Directory of IR Services

• Networking Opportunities

• Searchable archives of more than 250 articles

• Exclusive IRA Resources & Information

• Full Access to the online IR Learning Center (LMS)

Key areas of focus for the Investment Recovery Association and its members:

Maximizing Value Through Asset Recovery & Recycling 

Asset recovery and recycling are more than Eco-friendly buzzwords—they are vital practices for modern businesses. By effectively recovering assets, companies can reclaim significant value from unused or end-of-life equipment. Our members, IR professionals who buy, sell, and manage surplus assets, understand that recycling goes beyond basic environmental compliance. They tap into the latent value of recycled materials to fuel a circular economy. We help our members create innovative solutions that contribute to a greener future.


Optimizing Lifecycle Value with ITAD and ITAM

IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) and IT Asset Management (ITAM) are essential components of modern IT governance. In an era where technology rapidly changes, managing the disposal and turnover of IT assets presents a significant challenge. Investment Recovery Association play a crucial role in this sector by offering training and networking opportunities that empower our members. Our members understand the complexities of IT asset lifecycle management. We help them stay updated on the latest industry standards, ensuring secure, compliant disposal of obsolete technology and maximizing the utility and financial value of every asset.

Innovative Strategies for Surplus Asset Management

Surplus asset management is a critical strategy for turning potential losses into substantial financial gains. Effective management of surplus inventory demands a sophisticated understanding of market trends, asset liquidity, and valuation. At the Investment Recovery Association, we empower our members with the knowledge and connections needed to handle these tasks expertly. Our members are equipped with the tools and strategies that enable them to evaluate, market, and divest surplus assets efficiently.

Leading the Charge in Sustainable Asset Recovery

Sustainable asset recovery transcends mere compliance; it embodies proactive leadership in environmental stewardship. At the Investment Recovery Association, we empower our members with the knowledge and connections necessary to excel in this field. Our focus is on equipping professionals with green asset management strategies that align with global sustainability goals. These strategies minimize waste and maximize the reuse and recycling of resources, ensuring that profitability and environmental responsibility go hand in hand. Join us in fostering a sustainable future through innovative asset recovery practices.

To join the Investment Recovery Association, call (816) 561-5323, or apply online: