Join a Committee

Broaden your professional network. Have fun. Get involved!

All professional organizations benefit if members get involved.  Below, IRA has broken down the committee’s so members can see what the committee is about and whether or not that group would be of interest. When members choose a group and put a few hours a month towards it, the benefits become apparent.

The Benchmark Committee is involved in the entire process of fielding the Association’s Benchmark Study and reporting the Best Practices which come out of that survey. Members work with the staff of the Center for Applied Purchasing of Arizona State University (CAPS), who actually field the survey and tabulate the results.

The Investment Recovery Seminar & Trade Show is the major educational and networking event held by the Investment Recovery Association each year. The role of the Seminar Committee is to determine topics of interest and find speakers for the dozen or so sessions.  You’ll work closely with the Association staff to ensure a well-attended and worthwhile program.

The investment recovery educational programs developed over several decades by the members of the Education Committee provide perhaps the greatest value of Association membership. Development of the CMIR (Certified Manager of Investment Recovery) study guide, seminar presentations, and certification exams are the primary responsibilities of the committee.

A thriving membership is the lifeblood of any organization, and the Investment Recovery Association is no exception. The Membership Committee helps to develop and communicate with a list of prospective members in a variety of industries, growing the base of our profession.