2014 Vol 2 Wrap Up_042414_certfMembers and associate members who have met the qualifications and passed the Certified Manager of Investment Recovery (CMIR) Exam were recognized for their achievement.

From left to right, they are Jack Lucania, CMIR, RLA Investment Recovery; David Thames, CMIR, DCP Midstream LP; Barry Johnston, CMIR, Husky Oil Operations Limited; Dawn Beutler, CMIR, Ameren Services; Michael Harle, CMIR, City of Calgary; Brady Ellis, CMIR, eSource; Mike Mitchum, CMIR, Odin Ltd.; Tate Duncan, CMIR, Cox Communications; Thomas Conwell, CMIR, Liquidity Services; Mark Cauley, CMIR, C2C IQS; Barry Street, CMIR, Florida Power & Light; Mike Calcagno, CMIR, ENI US Operating Co.; Tim Southwell, CMIR, eSource; Jennifer Hart, CMIR, Northeast Utilities Service Company. Not pictured, Michael Rick, CMIR, Green Industrial