Feature Story: Famed WWII Bomber Plant Facing Wrecking Ball

Willow Run, the massive 5 million-square-foot factory built by Henry Ford at the start of World War II, was designed to make B-24 Liberator bombers. Staffed with many female “Rosie the Riveters,” the Willow Run plant outside of Detroit earned the designation “Arsenal of Democracy” for its war efforts, turning out a new airplane every 55 minutes during peak production! At one time, it was the largest production facility under one roof in the world, though all but a small part is now scheduled fo

October 21st, 2013|PLANT CLOSURES|


A plant closure is generally an extremely complex project and requires the assembly of a team dedicated to achieving project safety, environmental responsibility and maximum financial recovery. Because of the complexity of the process and many team members involved, a useful tool for the plant closure team is “The 3 ‘R’s’ of Plant Closures”, a document that clearly states the roles, responsibilities and relationships of each of the team members.

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