E-Waste State of the Union: Recycling Facts, Figures and the Future

The need for both a domestic and global solution of collaboration and reform has never been greater.
By Rick LeBlanc. Adapted from: “E-Waste Recycling Facts and Figures,” www.thebalance.com, Oct. 2017
It’s that time of year for the State of the Union Address where the President gives us an overview of how far we’ve come and where […]


How the Social Supply Chain Powers Responsible Investment Recovery

​Investment Recovery has been part of sustainability business strategy even before greening the supply chain and business sustainability became popular. Basic sustainability concepts of vendor buy-back programs, recycling, refurbishing and reuse are embedded in investment recovery practices. Yet, investment recovery can go even further. What role does investment recovery play in corporate sustainability?


Straight to the Bottom Line – An Executive’s Roadmap to World Class Supply Management

We are reprinting an entire chapter from an interesting new book on Chain (supply chain management). The chapter we are reprinting, while relatively short, is an excellent outline of the value of professional asset management to an organization. It’s titled: “Asset Recovery: Why the Scrappies Drive New Caddies.”

February 16th, 2014|SUPPLY CHAIN|

How to Relieve RFP Pain for Surplus Asset Managers

There seems to be an unwritten law that requests for proposal (RFPs) need to be complicated, stressful and a time waster. Here are some logical steps that can streamline your RFP process and relieve unnecessary pain for you and the bidders.

July 3rd, 2013|SUPPLY CHAIN|

What’s Ahead: 5 Supply Chain Technology Trends that Shaped 2012

Supply chain technology continued to evolve throughout 2012 as companies realized that a highly visible supply chain is necessary for success in today’s business climate. Of course, overall IT trends such as the cloud, big data and rapidly expanding mobile accessibility are impacting the supply chain just as they do other sectors. But there […]

February 16th, 2013|SUPPLY CHAIN|

Waste Not Want Not: Closing the Global Supply Chain Loop with Reverse Logistics

 Today’s supply chain managers are faced with three forces driving the reverse loop in distribution: regulatory compliance, sustainable practices and money saving strategies. Any one of these reasons will work, say business leaders, and the payoffs are similar in the extreme. Indeed, by “doing the right thing” companies are helping themselves while saving the […]

February 16th, 2013|SUPPLY CHAIN|

How Professional Surplus Asset Management Increases Procurement ROI

Companies that control costs better than their competitors are well positioned to succeed in the marketplace. The professional management of surplus assets–referred to as investment recovery, or IR for short—can provide massive and surprisingly profitable returns, both in cost avoidance and in substantially higher revenue from the well-reasoned disposition of a company’s surplus assets. The primary goal of investment recovery practice is to ensure that the company receives the highest possible

January 3rd, 2010|SUPPLY CHAIN|