How the Rainmakers of Investment Recovery Could Boost Your Bottom Line

Find out how you could maximize your ROI working with specialized sales and marketing partners who bring the best of technology, online marketing, and boots on the ground expertise to your IR department.
As the investment recovery sector becomes more complex and sophisticated, so do the means of asset disposition. Oh sure, you might have […]

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Feature Story: Make Yourself Indispensable at Work in 2018

 “The prevailing wisdom has been that to get ahead, you should learn something from one company and move on—and up—at the next,” says Brian Kropp, a managing director at CEB, an executive advisory firm that offers data analysis of more than 50,000 employee surveys from 10,000 organizations. “But that only produces short-term effects. In […]

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The 2017-2018 Investment Recovery Service Directory is here!

Welcome to the most comprehensive list of our Associate Members—providing best-in-class products and services specific to the Investment Recovery industry. View and download here.

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How to Turn Hard-to-Sell Assets into Repurposed Revenue

How, you might ask? Through “repurposing” reusable assets.
Take for example a fire department’s decommissioned fire hose. It’s a perfect example of an asset that is obsolete to its primary industry but has value, if “repurposed”, by a 2nd, unrelated industry. These old fire hoses could be re-used in low-pressure applications like […]

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Where iPhones Go to Die, and Be Reborn

With iPhone sales climbing to 155 million units last fiscal year, grinding up Apple products is a growth business.
At a dedicated factory with 24-hour security in an undisclosed location in Hong Kong, iPhones are being carefully and meticulously destroyed.
The plant is one of a handful around the world, chosen by Apple Inc. to grind […]

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Second Hand Markets Sourcing… Avoiding Pitfalls, Uncovering Pearls

Second Hand Market Sourcing
Avoiding Pitfalls, Uncovering Pearls 
Op-Ed: Graham Leduke

No Second Guessing in the Secondary Market
Purchasing assets on the secondary market can represent a win/win scenario for both buyers and sellers of equipment, especially in these trying times of deferred projects, reduced capital spend, and staff layoffs. 
Today, everyone is looking for ways to save money, cut costs […]

State of Sustainability–2015 Looking back to look ahead

Hard to believe, but it’s 2016 already. The new year with new beginnings.  A fresh start for making personal and business resolutions for a healthier lifestyle and bottom line.  As American citizens, we tune into the president’s annual State of the Union address every January to look at the past—and hopefully get a jump on […]

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Remanufacturing: The Future of Sustainability

If you Google the word “sustainability,” be prepared for a whopping 115 million hits. But a search for “remanufacturing” produces a scant half-percent of that number. And that’s puzzling when you consider the pervasive focus on the green economy today. But the numbers tell the tale. Remanufacturing, arguably the definition of sustainability, receives relatively little market or […]

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Paradigm Shift: From Waste Management to Resource Recovery

Our universe is made of 115 different elements with distinct chemical characteristics. That speaks volumes about the potential of each element as a resource, not waste! We know a simple switch and shift in the arrangement of the same atoms will give us different resources with different utility. We see this in the natural […]

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Data is King When Selling Fleet Vehicles

A common theme among buyers and remarketers of surplus assets is the importance of collecting accurate and timely data on those assets that you are looking to dispose of, which sets you up for success when attempting to sell those assets. As a large direct buyer of used fleet vehicles and equipment, the author […]

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