E-Waste State of the Union: Recycling Facts, Figures and the Future

The need for both a domestic and global solution of collaboration and reform has never been greater.
By Rick LeBlanc. Adapted from: “E-Waste Recycling Facts and Figures,” www.thebalance.com, Oct. 2017
It’s that time of year for the State of the Union Address where the President gives us an overview of how far we’ve come and where […]


Chill Out! Disposing of Surplus Chillers

Chillers are refrigeration systems that remove heat from a fluid through a refrigeration cycle in an attempt to create and maintain the proper environment for laboratory and manufacturing processes. They are used throughout many different industries to cool process machinery and remove heat from processes according to product specifications. Chillers are available in a […]

August 25th, 2014|SURPLUS EQUIPMENT|

Where Do You Go With Extra MRO?

Vol3-2014 – So you have obsolete or surplus MRO materials on your shelf and upper management has given you the task of selling and getting the material out of your crib or storeroom. Now the real questions: “Where do I begin” and/or “How do I sell this stuff?

MRO is an acronym for Maintenance /Repair/Operations – […]

June 29th, 2014|SURPLUS EQUIPMENT|

Cell Phones & Mobile Devices: Hidden Treasures for Investment Recovery Professionals

 Cell phone and mobile technology is changing so rapidly that there is a broad opportunity for both reuse and recovery of these devices, creating substantial financial benefit for investment recovery managers. With an average life span of just 18 months in the U.S., and more than 100 million phones turned over each year, cellular […]