Surplus Asset Identification = Reduced Risk + Higher ROI

Investment recovery (IR) represents the third phase of Supply Chain or Life Cycle Management: First, acquire the asset; second, control it while in use; and finally, dispose of the asset. Surplus asset identification is the initial, and therefore, key step in successfully completing that third phase of the materials management process.

Using Your InternalGPS® to Attract & Sustain Long-Term Customer Relationships

Much like the GPS in your vehicle or smart phone, your internal GPS works based on knowing where you are currently, where you want to go, and then how you will get there. There are three components to attracting and sustaining strong long-term customer relationships:


Sustainable Best Practices: Doing business with the 3 Ps in mind

Doing business in a way that’s good for People, the Planet, and Profits—and as surplus management professionals, we’re in the middle.
My journey with Investment Recovery (IR) and the Investment Recovery Association began in 2007. At first, I thought IR was only about the revenue, but as I dug deeper to evaluate exactly what we […]


Second Hand Markets Sourcing… Avoiding Pitfalls, Uncovering Pearls

Second Hand Market Sourcing
Avoiding Pitfalls, Uncovering Pearls 
Op-Ed: Graham Leduke

No Second Guessing in the Secondary Market
Purchasing assets on the secondary market can represent a win/win scenario for both buyers and sellers of equipment, especially in these trying times of deferred projects, reduced capital spend, and staff layoffs. 
Today, everyone is looking for ways to save money, cut costs […]

Feature Story: The Goal of IR – Keep it Simple

When thinking about writing an article on how Frontier Communications liquidates surplus assets, it occurred to me that perhaps the most important thing I’ve learned over the years is how it shouldn’t be done. Let me explain...

November 20th, 2014|GENERAL IR ISSUES|

Toward a Circular Economy

Two years ago, we decided to embed circular-economy thinking in our strategic vision and mission, both as a competitive necessity and with the conviction that companies solving the problem of resource constraints will have an advantage. We believe that customers will increasingly consider natural resources in their buying decisions and will give preference to […]

October 20th, 2014|GENERAL IR ISSUES|

Largest Maritime Salvage Nears End

Costa Concordia, the 114,000-ton cruise ship that wrecked off the coast of Italy in January 2012, has safely arrived at the Port of Genoa Voltri, marking completion of the largest maritime salvage job in history. The huge cruise ship crashed on rocks off the island of Giglio, 19 kilometers off Italy’s western coast. The […]

August 25th, 2014|GENERAL IR ISSUES|

Feature Story: How Does Your IR Department Align

Investment Recovery professionals are trained to handle an assortment of products and look for the best method to dispose of an asset for a company. When utilized, the IR professional will ensure that a company’s return on investment and total cost/benefit are maximized by evaluating what is the best way for a company to remove an asset.


Creating Competitive Advantage Through a Smarter Surplus Management Strategy

Smart Surplus Solutions. Investment recovery (IR) has historically taken a backseat in strategic planning, but business trends are putting this vital part of an organization’s enterprise front and center. Increasing regulations, corporate responsibility programs, brand protection and demand for real-time performance data all require effective strategies for delivering enduring value to an organization.


Asset Recovery: Why the Scrappies Drive Caddies

Some years ago, a group of purchasing professionals was having an impromptu conversation at the coffee machine when the subject of steel scrap dealers came up. One thing led to another, and then a comment was made that surprised most of the folks listening. The scrap buyer observed that every scrap dealer he had […]

January 10th, 2014|GENERAL IR ISSUES|