In a detailed presentation by Dr. Anirban Basu, Chairman & CEO of Sage Policy Group Inc., the economic forecast for 2024 is intricately analyzed, offering vital insights for professionals in Investment Recovery and Asset Recovery. Dr. Basu’s analysis, filled with Tom Cruise movie references, presents a comprehensive view of the economic landscape, focusing on the US economy’s state and the impact of money supply.

The Role of Money Supply in Economic Dynamics

Dr. Basu’s discussion opens with an emphasis on the critical role of money supply. He explains how the Federal Reserve’s actions to increase the money supply during the pandemic led to a spike in inflation, necessitating a subsequent decrease in money supply and an increase in interest rates. This interplay of economic forces is crucial for understanding the market dynamics affecting Surplus Asset Recovery and Asset Disposition, especially in the context of End-of-Life assets and IT Asset Disposition (ITAD).

Analyzing the Risk of Recession

As of August 2023, with an inflation rate at 3.7% and variable consumer spending, the possibility of a recession looms. Dr. Basu elaborates on this by examining the Federal Reserve’s attempts to achieve a ‘soft landing’ and the potential risks leading to a ‘hard landing’ or recession. These economic uncertainties have direct implications for the field of Surplus Asset Management, especially in the Corporate and Government sectors.

Recession Indicators and Their Impact on Asset Management

The presentation further delves into recession indicators like business inventories and the inverted yield curve. These indicators, coupled with factors like higher interest rates and increased student debt, suggest a challenging economic scenario for 2024. For Investment Recovery professionals, this means adapting strategies for Corporate Surplus Assets Auctions, Government Surplus Assets Auctions, and managing Industrial Surplus Assets.

Sustainable Asset Management in a Circular Economy

In response to these economic challenges, Dr. Basu’s insights underline the importance of embracing a circular economy and zero waste policies in asset recovery. Sustainable asset management, focusing on green practices and no landfill policies, aligns with the disposition certification standards. This approach is particularly vital in managing e-waste and hazardous waste disposal, ensuring responsible Surplus Asset Management.

Remarketing IT Assets and Creating Internal ITAD Processes

Given the economic forecast, creating robust internal ITAD processes for remarketing IT assets becomes more crucial. This approach aids in maximizing returns on Surplus assets, ensuring sustainable and responsible surplus asset management.


Dr. Basu’s economic forecast for 2024, with its mix of risks and opportunities, serves as a critical guide for professionals in the Investment Recovery sector. His insights encourage a strategic approach to asset recovery, emphasizing adaptability, sustainability, and the efficient management of surplus assets.

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